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Britain’s railway network has a proud and complex history, encompassing an array of disparate companies and lines operating across dramatically different terrains. Our railway books reflect this variety. The Big Four railway companies – LMS, LNER, Southern Railway and GWR with its iconic Swindon works – and the beginnings of British Rail are all explored.

From the early days of steam engines, to the development of steam and diesel locomotives and the heyday of rail travel, both the technical developments and the social impact of the railways are equally celebrated. We reveal the changes wrought by Beeching’s axe when it fell in the 1960s, and what remains of the lost lines for walkers, cyclists, enthusiasts and collectors of memorabilia and ‘railwayana’ to enjoy today.

Delve into histories of the London Underground, frighten yourself with ghostly tales and stories from the murky world of railway crime, or simply enjoy looking back over the memories of men on the footplate or workers in the engine sheds – voices from a bygone age of rail travel.

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