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Britain has a rich and diverse history and with such a long and incredible past it is no surprise that beneath the surface lies an extensive world of horrible deeds, macabre events, despicable crimes and disturbing tales of paranormal and supernatural activity. Sometimes of our own making and sometimes as victims of fate or foe, it is perhaps inevitable that we would develop a darker legacy alongside our battle for survival. Plague pits, riots, rebellions, grisly murders and gruesome punishments – Britain has witnessed it all.

Hiding all manner of disaster, death, disease and dreadfulness, our nation’s streets are steeped in this sinister and dark history - scrape back the façade and an astonishing underbelly of horror and bloodshed is uncovered. From bloody battles, witchcraft, executions, ghostly apparitions and murder most horrid, our grim and terrible past is revealed through tales of true crime and mystery, urban legends, folklore and ghost tales.

Explore the darker side of our nation’s history and see Britain in a whole new light…

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