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A small island, yet a big country with an even bigger reputation, history is everywhere in Ireland. Europe’s most westerly outpost is known for its physical beauty – breathtaking coastal landscapes, vast areas of dramatic unspoilt wilderness, majestic mountains, prehistoric monuments, idyllic villages and romantic monastic ruins – and its rich heritage is clear for everyone to see.

With an abundant supply of mythological traditions, Ireland is intrinsically connected to the landscape through its sacred associations with so many of its physical features. Yet there is much more to the so-called ‘Emerald Isle’ than scenery, myths and legends.

From the great body of Irish literature and its rich culture of traditional music, dance and pubs to its sporting prowess, the thriving arts and music scenes of its lively and diverse capital cities – Dublin and Belfast – and the unhurried nature of rural living, there is much to be revealed about the heritage and culture of the ancient island of Ireland.

The changes and developments that have taken place over time can help inform the past and make us think about the future, including changes to industrial and transport heritage, fashion and entertainment. Whether we want to understand more about our community and its history, or learn about aspects of the society we grew up in through documented or oral history, local history is accessible to us all on many different levels.

Our Irish local history titles reflect the diversity and complexity of Ireland’s history and reveal much about places, people and communities. Our list encompasses an enormous variety of topics including biography, photography, folklore and trivia and offers a great breadth of formats from pocket gift books to comprehensive histories.

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