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The history of Ireland has often been overshadowed by war and conflict – from the inter-clan rivalries of the early Celtic kingdoms to the long struggle for independence from Britain and the subsequent Troubles in Northern Ireland. However, Ireland’s history encompasses so much more. Its druidic oral tradition has meant that Ireland has an unrivalled collection of folklore that is the envy of the world – recalling legendary heroes such as Cúchulainn and the Fionn mac Cumhaill.

For much of its history Ireland was also considered to be a key centre of learning with its monastic institutions producing such masterpieces as the Book of Kells while in later years the work of its literary figures – among them Jonathan Swift, James Joyce and Seamus Heaney – and its great orators such as Robert Emmet, Daniel O’Connell and the ‘Uncrowned King of Ireland’ James Stewart Parnell continue to influence the world. For many years the ports of Belfast and Cobh were the gateways to the New World and emigration, another key feature of Ireland’s history particularly in the years following the devastating Great Potato Famine, has meant a diaspora that has spread Irish culture, its music and sport across the world.

Our Irish titles reflect the diversity and complexity of Ireland’s history. Our list encompasses an enormous variety of topics including history, current affairs, biography, photography and historical fiction and offers a great breadth of formats from pocket gift books to comprehensive histories. Whether your interest is in Irish folklore, art, genealogy, local or political history there is something here for you.

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