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In The History Press’ burgeoning entertainment history list some of film’s most important and respected crewmen shed light on their experiences both in Hollywood and in the British film industry, and music producers and managers divulge secrets about collaborations and professional relationships. Readers have been treated to behind the scenes stories of the making of both the James Bond series and the Star Wars films, as well as other Hollywood and British film blockbusters, and both Pink Floyd and the Beatles have featured in musical autobiographies. 

This list also contains biographies of some of film and television’s forgotten stars, such as Alastair Sim, Michael Elphick, Richard Beckinsale, Harry H. Corbett and Richard Harris. In some cases the authors are family members and friends, thereby getting unprecedented access to their subjects. Indeed, British film and music are celebrated in our entertainment books, giving the reader a unique insight into the history of the entertainment industry. 

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