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Katherine Howard is executed

13 February 1542

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Albert Finney (1936 - 2019)

Albert Finney, who passed away last week at the age of 82, was a Salford-born, homework-hating bookie’s son who broke the social barriers of British film. He did his share of roistering, and yet outlived his contemporaries and dodged typecasting to become a five-time Oscar nominee and one of our most durable international stars. Bon vivant, perennial rebel, self-effacing character actor, charismatic charmer, mentor to a generation of working-class artists, a byword for professionalism, lover of horseflesh and female flesh – Albert Finney is all these things and more. Biographer Gabriel Hershman examines how one of Britain’s greatest actors built a glittering career without sacrificing his integrity...


Quote of the week

“I passionately love the sea; nothing else moves me as it does. I love and understand its every mood; and I sometimes fancy that the sea knows and understands me, too.”

Mercedes Gleitze

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