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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

75 years

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Seventy-five years ago on Thursday 19 April 1943, in a stand that would become the largest single act of Jewish resistance against the German army during World War II, starving Jews trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto mounted a rebellion against the Nazis. 

Although ultimately doomed, the militants were (against all odds) able to resist for almost a month. By May 16 the Germans had crushed the uprising and the ghetto was all but ruins, having been burned to the ground. Surviving ghetto residents were then deported to concentration camps.


Quote of the week

“Though it be to die, we will fight... We will fight not for ourselves but for future generations... Although we will not survive to see it, our murderers will pay for their crimes after we are gone. And our deeds will live forever.”

Izhak Katznelson

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