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There is something for everyone on our extensive aviation list. Aeroplane enthusiasts will enjoy our studies of the history of flight, ground-breaking technical developments and the impact of great designers such as R.J. Mitchell on the wider world of aviation. Explore civil aircraft from Trident to Airbus, delve into the careers of the engineers who built the iconic Concorde, and marvel at the memoirs of the stewards and stewardesses who flew on her.

Those with a love of military history can immerse themselves in the roles played by pilots and test pilots at war and in peacetime, whether testing Tornadoes, flying Spitfires and Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain or manning low-level English-Electric Canberras on the Cold War front line. Thrill-seekers will be gripped by the exploits of air pioneers, from the brave pilots of First World War biplanes or the Schneider Trophy races of the early twentieth century, to the dramatic flying displays of the Red Arrows today. Plus, anyone interested in unusual facts and quirky statistics will delight in compilations of strange aircraft, airline scandals and spine-tingling tales of UFOs.

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