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VanLifers: Beautiful conversions for life on the road


Living and travelling in converted vehicles has become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years and the coronavirus pandemic has only increased the trend further. Life on the road can offer an incomparable sense of freedom and community, with endless opportunity for new experiences, and a shift to simpler living. But what these travellers are after is very different from the traditional caravan holiday; instead these vans and trucks have been creatively turned into permanent homes, tailored to their owners’ tastes and interests.

While some choose a ready-made van, for others the joy is in converting a vehicle themselves and making it personal and unique. With imaginative storage options, eco-friendly power sources, inventive layouts, and some very well-travelled pets, the options for these portable homes are limitless. Here we reveal just a small selection of some of the beautiful and innovative converted vehicles and the creative van-dwellers and vanlife converts featured in VanLifers, to inspire and delight!

“In a world where people are so protective of their territory, I love to roam.” – Sophie Cook, owner of Betty Blue

“We’ve been on a permanent adventure. We’ve met some of the most incredible people, stayed at the most beautiful locations and created the best memories.” @TheRoadisOurHome

“It’s just a wonderful way to live. Knowing I built everything myself, using my own hands to create what I describe as a dream house on wheels, makes it even more meaningful.” – @RanVanga

“One thing which made our vanlife adventure even better was the people we met on the way, from forest workers in Poland who welcomed us into their house for pizza and wine, to other vanlifers doing their thing.” @TheHendersonsShop

“While travelling, we can take joy in a beautiful sunset in the countryside, or a charming medieval village found on a drive. We’re happy with the richness of nature and the outdoor life, and the benefits this brings to our life.” @FlorrytheLorry

“Since converting our bus, we’ve been blessed with so many amazing opportunities, but the best one has been the ability to connect with people from all over the world who we’ve inspired with our story and travels.” @Going_Boundless

“I feel it is time alternative lifestyles were encouraged, to both relieve the housing shortage and let people live the life they desire.” @VeeVanVoom

If you have ever thought about turning your life into one long road trip, VanLifers could be the inspiration you need to make it happen. Whether you are converting your own vehicle, thinking about doing so in the future or just enjoy imagining a life on the road, these tales are sure to inspire you!

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