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Have A Butcher’s: Making Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


When Guy Ritchie and Mathew Vaughn decided to make the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels I bet they never envisioned the success that was to come from it.

They never thought that it would become one of the most successful British Crime Movies ever, that it would launch the careers of some many of the people involved - Guy, Matthew, Vinnie, Jason, and so many others. Or that they personally would become two of the most influential filmmakers in Hollywood.

“The perfectly cast ensemble of actors were a mixture of new talent and some familiar faces from various films and TV I was a fan of. Dexter Fletcher was arguably the biggest name amongst the four lads, while P.H. Moriaty was a good link to possibly the best British gangster movie ever made; The Long Good Friday. Then there were the ones we knew of but didn’t know their names at the time – “It’s Young Sherlock Homes!” (Nicholas Rowe). “It’s Bear Strangler McGee from the Gunmen of the Apocalypse episode of Red Dwarf!” (Stephen Marcus). “It’s Danny John Jules!” (We all knew Cat from Red Dwarf). “It’s that guy with the REALLY throaty voice from the beginning of Face.” (Steve Sweeney). The casting of the film is flawless. The four main guys have a perfect chemistry with each other while every single support, especially Vas Blackwood, Frank Harper and Stephen Marcus are all are just so right for their roles.” – Paul Tanter

I never thought that as a result of getting involved with a small, low budget British movie, I would end up working with Kate Winslett, Michael Caine, Bill Paxton and Joaquin Pheonix. Even more surprising is that as a result of that movie I’m now a published author. How cool is that? It took me two years to gather stories from the cast and crew and collate images and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life, meeting the guys from the film and reliving memories.

“We played three card brag. Matt was not a rich man at that time and he used to play this game. He was good, so good that we did some reshoots, 3 days, and I had to do them for free because I lost so much money to him.” - Jason Flemyng

“The bit where “The British Empire was made on cups of Tea” all that came about because the props guy didn’t book the guns that day so we didn’t have the guns to walk in with and Guy’s like “we haven’t got the fucking guns” I say “I’ll just say  ‘I forgot ’em’.” We’d shot the scene that follows, when we had the guns, on a previous day.” - Nick Moran

It was almost as much fun as shooting the film in the first place. Have A Butchers is a celebration of this great film. If you’re a fan of this film, you will really enjoy this book. If you’re a fan of films in general you’ll enjoy this book. I hope. 

By Stephen Marcus

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