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Falmouth is the town where I live. It is a good place to be with unrivalled community spirit‚ so if you see me wondering around with my camera it is because Falmouth has captured my heart.

They say that Falmouth has the spirit of the sea but, as well as that Maritime scene it is a place steeped in heritage and history and a place of creativity both in art and literature. The year is punctuated with carnivals and festivals; the Oyster Festival drawing the biggest crowds. Indeed, Falmouth has a growing reputation as a foodie town and one can almost eat around the world.

I love travel, but if I could no longer go anywhere else, I would be content in Falmouth as it offers year-round interest as well as an abundance of natural beauty.

Where else can one view spectacles like The Tall Ships or The Red Arrows in an amphitheatre-like harbour or bay, watch the goings on at a working dock, take boat trips, visit a museum, and explore castles, walk, coastal paths, and enjoy sub-tropical gardens and parks? 

Where else can one choose from the necklace of beaches that fringe the bay and partake of a variety of water sports?  All that with the choice of two cinemas, theatre space, bandstands, art galleries, library, a host of pubs and restaurants and an eclectic variety of shops.

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