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The execution of Lady Jane Grey

On 12 February 1554 Lady Jane Grey, the ‘Nine Days Queen’, was executed.

In 1553 Lady Jane Grey became nominal queen of England for just nine days as part of an unsuccessful bid to prevent the accession of Catholic Mary Tudor after the death of Mary’s half-brother King Edward VI. Shortly before Edward’s death he and the Council amended his will to prevent England returning to Catholic rule under Mary and he nominated Lady Jane to be the next Queen of England. 

However, Mary, believing she was the rightful queen, was able to garner popular and military support and Jane’s reign was ended after just nine days. Jane, her husband (Lord Guildford Dudley) and her father (Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk) were imprisoned in the Tower of London. Although her father was pardoned, Jane and her husband were tried for high treason and sentenced to death. They were beheaded on 12 February 1554.


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