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Titanic in Photographs

By Daniel Klistorner

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Format: Hardback
Published: 2011-10-01
ISBN: 9780752458960

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The name Titanic has become synonymous with catastrophe, the story of this luxurious liner legendary. Wrecked after colliding with an iceberg on her maiden voyage, the loss of around 1,500 lives among her passengers and crew has gone down in history as one of the most emotive and tragic disasters in history.
In this evocative collection of photographs the authors of Titanic The Ship Magnificent tell her full story, from the shipyards of Harland & Wolff and its early vessels, with the backdrop of the great race to build the biggest and best passenger liner, to the frenzy of excitement surrounding her launch. Looking at her officers and crew, as well as her stops at Cherbourg and Queenstown – including some special, rare photographs – the book follows the story to its inevitable conclusion, considering the lifeboats, the presence of the Carpathia and the aftermath of the disaster.

STEVE HALL and BRUCE BEVERIDGE set up the Titanic Research & Modeling Association (TRMA). Steve has built an extensive Olympic-class library and photographic portfolio, one of the finest collections privately held. All of the authors are often contacted by the media to comment the wreck, theories and research surrounding the ship, have published articles, and conduct Titanic talks.

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