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Although the period from 1914 to 1918 is one of the most documented in our history, there are still a number of aspects of World War I and the Battle of the Somme in particular to be explored and discussed. Offering their vast knowledge and expertise, our authors examine different facets of this time; from medical advances, military strategy and logistical issues, the roles women played in the war and its many, many brave heroes. Through their historical research and writing they offer new insights into how ‘the war to end all wars’ shaped both lives and countries around the globe.

Alexandra Churchill Somme: 141 Days, 141 Lives

Alexandra is an author, researcher and historian who has contributed to and appeared on numerous television documentaries, including Timewatch (BBC2), Fighting the Red Baron (Channel 4) and Titanic with Len Goodman (BBC1). Her first book, the critically acclaimed Blood and Thunder: The Boys of Eton College and the First World War was published in 2014 by The History Press. Her second book, Over Land and Sea: Chelsea FC in the Great War (2015) was her first collaboration with Andrew Holmes.

Peter Doyle Kitchener’s Mob

Peter is a military historian specialising in the role of terrain in warfare. He wrote the internationally bestselling The First World War in 100 Objects.

Gerald Gliddon Somme 1916, VCs of the First World War series

Gerald is a leading authority on First World War history and his book Somme 1916 has become an indispensable reference guide for anyone wanting to understand this theatre of warfare. He has written extensively on this period, including: VCs of 1914, The Final Days 1918 and VCs Handbook: The Western Front 1914-1918.

Andrew Holmes Somme: 141 Days, 141 Lives

Andrew is a researcher and photographer who has been visiting the battlefields of the Great War for over twelve years. He collaborated with Alexandra Churchill on Over Land and Sea: Chelsea FC in the Great War (2015).

Trevor Royle The Kitchener Enigma

Trevor is a broadcaster and an award-winning author specializing in the history of war and empire. His most recent books include Culloden: Scotland’s Last Battle and the Forging of the British Empire, and Montgomery: Lessons in Leadership from the Soldier’s General. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and is also a member of the Scottish Government’s Advisory Panel for Commemorating the First World War.

Penny Starns Sisters of the Somme

Penny is a writer and historian with a PhD in the history of medicine from the University of Bristol. She was also a nurse in the ICU for 20 years. She has written many books about female heroines in the twentieth century for The History Press, including: Odette: World War Two’s Darling Spy (2009), Surviving Tenko: The True Story of Margot Turner (2010), Blitz Families: The Children who Stayed Behind (2012), and Oceans Apart: Stories of Overseas Evacuees in World War Two (2014).

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