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Whitechapel Real Time


August 31st 2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the first Jack the Ripper murder and yet still the case remains unsolved.  Whitechapel Real Time aims to portray Victorian society during 1888 in an accurate and engaging way, placing this tragic series of events in a wider context.

The mystery surrounding Jack the Ripper has been erroneously fuelled with images of darkened streets and figures in cloaks recounted by storytellers and portrayed in films and TV.  The Whitechapel Real Time project seeks to peel back the myths and tell the ‘back story’ of the real people of Victorian London. 

The aim of this project will challenge contemporary stereotypes and provoke debate on key issues such as social segregation and press sensationalism.  Using today’s social media to tell the story mirrors the way in which the news ‘spreads like wildfire’ across London and throughout the country in 1888.

All the content from the Whitechapel Real Time project has been thoroughly researched using our expert knowledge and resources ensuring the project has been conducted in a dignified, respectful and historically-focussed manner.

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