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The Second Selection

By David Lloyd

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Format: Paperback
Published: 2004-01-01
ISBN: 9780752421551

This is the second selection of old photographs of Ludlow in the Archive Photographs Series. This new collection of over 200 evocative images traces some of the changes that have taken place in and around this vibrant community over the last century. The history of Ludlow is examined throughout the decades, from the beginning of the twentieth century up until the present day. The reader can see the progression of the history of the town, the changes that have taken place in transport and industry, the shops and streets that have changed over the years, and the experiences of external events such as two world wars that have helped shape and change the nature of the town. This second selection is a collaboration by the original author, David LLoyd, and photographer Gareth Thomas. Each image is accompanied by supporting text providing a wealth of local colour and historical detail. This fascinating collection will re-awaken memories among older residents, while showing the young, the face of the area as it used to be.

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