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The sinking of the Mary Rose, 19 July 1545

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The death of Jane Austen

Jane Austen died on 18 July 1817 in Winchester.

Aged only 41 when she died, Jane didn’t marry, never had children and lived out her days in the south of England, rarely straying from the genteel and orthodox social circle into which she was born. She completed only six full length novels, and tasted only brief and limited fame in her lifetime.

Yet, almost 200 years after her death, she is one of the world’s most revered writers, a literary giant, her life the topic of dozens of biographies, her work the subject of thousands of academic studies. Far beyond the famous romances which are the subject of her novels, there’s still something about Jane...


Quote of the week

“Jane lies in Winchester—blessed be her shade!
Praise the Lord for making her, and her for all she made!
And while the stones of Winchester, or Milsom Street, remain,
Glory, love and honour unto England’s Jane.”

Rudyard Kipling, in praise of Jane Austen, 1926

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