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30 July 1966

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1966: When Britain was the envy of the world

If there was ever a time for England to host the football World Cup then it had to be in the swinging sixties. No football World Cup had ever before received as much worldwide attention. Celebrities from around the world used whatever influences they had to get hold of tickets, not necessarily because of their interest in football, but more so because the tournament was being held in England and the final was to be held in London. And, if ever there was a time for England to succeed in winning the football World Cup then it had to be in 1966, the year in which Britain was at the centre of the world’s cultural stage...



Quote of the week

“Some people are on the pitch! They think it’s all over! It is now, it’s four!”

Kenneth Wolstenholme, 1966 FIFA World Cup Final

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