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The first Victoria Cross is awarded

The first act of bravery ever to be rewarded with the Victoria Cross was by Irishman Charles Davis Lucas during the Crimean War.

Lucas, who was born in Poynntzpass, County Armagh, had enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1848 at the age of 13, served aboard HMS Vengeance, HMS Vanguard and seen action in the Second Anglo-Burmese War of 1852-53 on HMS Fox. By 1854, aged 20, he was serving aboard HMS Hecla, part of Anglo-French fleet which had been dispatched to assist in the blockade of the Russian Baltic Fleet during the Crimean War, and it was here that his act of heroism was the first to be awarded the Victoria Cross...


Quote of the week

“It is ordained, with a view to place all persons on a perfectly equal footing in relation to eligibility for the decoration, that neither rank, nor long service, nor wounds, nor any other circumstance or condition whatsoever, save the merit of conspicuous bravery, shall be held to establish a sufficient claim to the honour.”

Victoria Cross Royal Warrant, 29 January 1856

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